37 Merrion Square


37 Merrion Square, Dublin 2




Shaffrey Associates Architects


Main Contractor

Stewart Construction

Completion Date

July 2018



Project Details

The origins of Merrion Square date back to 1762, and by the beginning of the 19th century, it was largely complete.  The development was spurred by the construction of Leinster House in 1745-47 and is considered one of the city’s finest surviving squares.

No. 37 is a four storey over basement, mid-terraced Georgian townhouse, constructed in 1787 and located on the west side of Merrion Square. This building has been upgraded and refurbished to create new offices for the Goethe-Institut.

Oldstone were engaged by Stewart Construction as Specialist Conservation Contractor to undertake masonry repairs to the front and rear brick elevations.


Both the existing front facade & rear facades had cementitious mortar within the brick joints. The top floor of the front façade had been previously rebuilt using a modern brick and numerous bricks had been replaced throughout the facade.

In keeping with the traditional and original styles, Wigging pointing was applied to the front elevation and Penny struck pointing applied to the rear. Prior to re-pointing, the facades were gently cleaned using the DOFF steam cleaner. The existing cementitious mortar was carefully removed. Replacement bricks were sourced and installed where the existing brick was badly weathered and beyond repair. Feathered edge window reveals were formed which replaced the more modern patent reveal detail.

The chimneys had their existing cementitious render removed and replaced with lime render. New chimney pots were installed which were bedded in a lime flaunching.

The front door surround had numerous layers of paint removed to expose the underlying stonework. The stone was repaired and beautifully restored back to its original detail.

The front entrance granite steps and surrounding railing base walls were cleaned and repointed in a lime mortar.




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