Tyrone House, Marlborough Street, Dublin 1.






Main Contractor

P J Hegarty & Sons

Completion Date

Aug 2016



This building is home to the Department of Education and Skills in Marlborough Street. It was built between 1740 and 1745 under the design of the architect Richard Cassels (or Castles) for Sir Marcus Beresford, the Earl of Tyrone. At the time it was the first completely stone-built mansion in Dublin. The building was purchased by the government in 1835 and later replica of the building was built nearby to create a symmetrical composition.

Oldstone Conservation were engaged as specialist sub-contractor to undertake repairs, and to replace, the lime plaster cornice and lathe & plaster ceilings.

The main project works involved structural repairs and strengthening to the roof structure requiring much of the existing internal lime plaster cornice and lathe & plaster ceilings on the top floor to be repaired or replaced.

Upon removal the existing cornice profile was carefully recorded. This allowed a reverse mould of the existing cornice to be formed from which the new cornice could be formed. The new cornice was reinstated after all roof strengthening and lathe & plaster ceiling works were complete.

Lathe & plaster ceilings on the upper floor affected by the roof strengthening works were also reinstated. The lathe & plaster required the appliation of new oak riven lathes with the lime plaster layers subsequently applied and finished with a lime putty skim coat.

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