St Endas Park

Project Details
Oldstone Conservation was asppointed Main Contractor and PSCS to repair and reconstruct seven follies within the grounds of St Endas Park in Rathfanham over two work phases.

Works – Phase 1
The follies consisted of the Hermitage Arch, Niche, Triple Arch, Emmets Fort, Fort Arch, Druids Chair, Portal & Backing Wall which were at various locations within the park. Due to its public nature each folly had to be treated as an individual site with Herras fencing and signage erected requiring walkways to be closed and pedestrians diverted. All due care was undertaken when transporting plant and materials through the park to these sites.

The works mainly consisted of the following:
–          Vegetation removal
–          Raking out cement mortar
–          Repointing in lime mortar
–          Rebuilding of stonework
–          Consolidation of walls and wall heads
–          Lime render application

Works – Phase 2
This phase involved further works to Emmets Fort and the reconstruction of a collapsed stone folly.

The masonry work to the fort involved repairing and rebuilding of walls, fire surrounds and chimneys. The fort is constructed in a star shape and a new roof was installed to this shape consisting of Stresslite T-Beams and an asphalt roof covering. The roof surface had to be laid to the correct falls of the five existing rainwater outlets. Once the structure was sealed new windows and doors were installed.

The Witches Hat folly, had completely collapsed with the individual stones scattered within undergrowth. Working closely with Lisa Edden (Conservation Engineer) Oldstone recovered the original stone pieces and re-constructed the folly to its original form. The work involved the careful re-erection of the stone structure using dowels and ensuring the correct stone pieces were inserted into their original positions.

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