Dalkey Structural Repairs


Dalkey, Co. Dublin


Private Client


Niall Phelan Architects


GK Consulting Engineers

Main Contractor

Oldstone Conservation Ltd

Completion Date

Mar 2018



This is a semi-detached property originally constructed in 1890 and extended in the 1960s. It is a significant property located on a sloping site with commanding views over all of Dublin Bay.

Oldstone Conservation were initially engaged by Niall Phelan Architects to undertake site clearance and structural works.

Works initially involved clearing the property of all floor and wall finishings. Upon direction from the Engineer opening up works were undertaken to expose all structural members and hence the scope of the structural works were determined.

A number of the existing timber window and door heads were replaced all of which required temporary propping of varying degrees.

Due to the marine environment the existing large steel beams over four window openings were badly corroded. All the steel beams required replacement which involved significant temporary propping works to support the extrernal facade walls. The steel beams were removed and replaced with galvansied steel beams treated with Glaco Galvacoat.

Floors at basement and lower basement levels were lowered requiring the excavation of granite rock. New floors were installed incorporating drainage DPC and radon membranes. The walls were also treated for damp iusing the Heydi system.

The existing suspended composite concrete/steel floors at basement level were demolished and new composite timber/steel floors installed.

Finally a new steel structure was installed to support a large external cantilevered balcony.

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