Swainstown Bridge


Swainstown, Co. Meath


Private Individual


Robin Mandel & Associates


Main Contractor

Oldstone Conservation Ltd

Completion Date

Oct 2017



Project Details
Swainstown Bridge is located in Meath and crosses the River Skane. The bridge is thought to have its origins in the eighteenth century and today it remains as an important link between fields on an active farm.

Oldstone Conservation were engaged by Robin Mandel Architects to undertaken essential repair works to the bridge to help maintain its structural integrity.

The works involved erection of a scaffold over the river to provide access to the underside and parapets of the bridge. Stonework joints on the bridge soffit had badly deteriorated with much of the mortar missing. These joints were reinstated using lime mortar and stone pinnings that were inserted and tightly rammed home. The bridge parapets simply consisted of small stone upstands which were also reinstated.

The carriageway of the bridge was covered in earth and grass. This was stripped back to reveal a concrete covering shaped in a mock cobble style. The concrete surface was removed to expose the original stone surface beneath. Gaps within this stone surface were filled with stone and lime mortar. Finally, the bridge surface was covered with an environmentally friendly HDPE mesh infilled with gravel.

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