South Main Street, Wexford Town, County Wexfod


Nicholas Lambert



Dermot Nolan & Associates

Main Contractor

Completion Date

Jul 2011



Constructed at the end of the 18th Century this building began to exhibit structural problems when the slate cladding began to fall. Temporary steel beams were installed around the building façade whilst remedial works were undertaken.

Oldstone Conservation were engaged to survey the building and propose a repair scheme to tie the building back together and provide lateral restraint. The repair scheme involved the installation of the following Helifix installations:

Helibeams installed around the exterior façade
Bowtie HDs installed into the existing floor joists
Helibars installed across internal cracks

The Helifix installations provided a sympathetic repair to the structure with minimal visual impact of the facade.

a. Side Elevation

b. Front Elevation

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