Saggart Church


Saggart, Co. Dublin


St Marys Church




Main Contractor

Gowna Construction

Completion Date

May 2015



Project Details:
St Mary’s Church was built in 1849 and is typical of churches of this time formed with a central nave, left & right Transepts and alter. At the front stands an imposing bell tower. Oldstone were engaged by Gowna Construction to undertake the lime render, repointing and stone repair works to this church. The lime render works involved both internal and external work.

The existing cement based render to the rear and side gables (1250m2) was removed and replaced with a three coat lime render. The works were undertaken during the cold winter months requiring heaters, scaffold insulation and min/max thermometers to ensure temperatures remained above zero overnight.

The remainder of the existing façade (1200m2) was cleaned using our DOFF steam cleaner system. The entire stone, including the Bell Tower, was raked out and repointed in a lime mortar with works to the Bell Tower being completed using a hoist.

Where required, stones were repaired and/or replaced and cracks were repaired using Helifix crack stitch bars. Sealant (Remmer SNL) was applied to the stone surface of the Bell Tower. One stone pinnacle at the top of the bell tower was replaced with new.

The existing cement based render to the internal face of the Bell Tower was replaced with a three coat lime render. The bases of two of the the rib vaulted ceilings were repaired involving the use of running profiles, lath & plaster work and the recreation of base corbel details.

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