Baggot Street Lower


Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2


Private Client


Niall Phelan Architects


GK Consulting Engineers

Main Contractor

Oldstone Conservation Ltd

Completion Date

Jul 2016



Project Details
This project involved the internal refurbishment (273m2) and fire upgrade to a protected structure on Baggot Street Lower. Oldstone acted as Main Contractor & PSCS and hence co-ordinated all works on site including management of sub-contractors. All works had to be carefully undertaken to avoid damage the historic fabric of the building.

Most internal repair works were located at basement and top floor levels where water ingress had caused significant damage. The basement required structural repairs to the window and door heads and replacement of the existing dry wall systems with lime rendered walls. Vents and damp proof barrier systems were installed and a new toilet and shower room created. The top floor required repairs to roof timbers and cracks stitching to the walls, this floor was also converted from office to residential use with a kitchen and bathroom installed.

Each floor within the building was upgraded to 60min fire protection requiring floors to be lifted and fire retardant systems installed. The fire alarm system consisted of smoke heads, nuisance alarms as well as an automatic opening vent to be installed. Emergency lighting was installed throughout. The building was re-wired with new electrical fittings, sockets, spurs and fuse boards installed. New toilets were also installed at first floor level and a new tea station at second floor level. A new boiler system was installed at basement level to provide central heating.

The rear yard was cleared of all vegetation and boundary walls repaired. Finally, the building was decorated and new carpets installed.

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