Belgard Castle & Walls


Belgard Castle, Belgard Castle, Kingswood, Dublin 22




Robin Mandel


Main Contractor

GEM Construction

Completion Date

May 2017



Project Details
Belgard Castle is a large three storey eighteenth century Georgian house attached to a medieval tower. It was the ancestral home of the Talbot family where they ruled supreme 500 years ago. After the death of Colonel John Talbot in 1697, much of the castle was demolished and some of the original stone was used to build the Georgian house which still contains many of its original features.

Oldstone were contracted by GEM Construction to remove the modern masonry paint to this building and repair the existing render, or replace it, where required. The building remained occupied and hence works and protective measures had to be undertaken to impact on the occupants.

The existing paint was carefully & painstakingly removed from the façade by hand. Stubborn areas of paint that remained were removed through use of paint softeners and a steam cleaner. The underlying render was then inspected and areas identified for repair or replacement. All stone features on the building were cleaned back to expose their original stone face. Some modern concrete cills were removed and replaced with granite. The new render was applied using St Astier NHL3.5 lime and the original rustic finish was reproduced to match the original and adjoining render. All ironwork railings were repainted. These works were then subsequently extended to incorporate the adjoining courtyard buildings.

Upon completion of works to the building Oldstone were further engaged to undertake repair works to the extensive network of garden and estate walls that exceeded 750m in length. These works incorporated the following:

–          Vegetation removal
–          Steam cleaning
–          Raking & repointing
–          Brick & stone repairs
–          Rebuild of damaged wall sections
–          Reinstatement of original wall cappings
–          Take down & rebuild of a castellated stone arch

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